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How do I love thee, Dahl?

Happy Valentine's Day to my sweet Earth Angel!

You have been suffering from Influenza A all week, but besides the barfing you have been the sweetest, most cuddly, pathetic-looking cutest toddler I've ever seen.

I love the way your hair curls and is so long right on the crown only

I love the way you tap tap tap me to get my attention and eye contact, then point at whatever you want me to see. You don't ever want me to miss anything interesting.

I love your sweet full bottom lip, I kiss it every moment I can.

I love that you "sing" to yourself, voice-less but mimicking "itsy bitsy spider", "wheels on the bus", and "five little monkeys" with your hands.

I love your bopping dance, you bend forward at the waist and go up and down.

I love your shrieking and excited arms.

I love your head tilt and sweet adoring gaze.

I love the way you have your own language with me, and I can tell so much from you by your "da" or your "muah".

I love that you don't care what anyone thinks of you, you are never shy, and you do exactly what you want, no matter who is looking. You never shrink into yourself, you take up space in a room, you spread out, stand out, make yourself seen and heard, and are proud of it.

I love that you make me stop and slow down and enjoy the simple pleasures of life; you take in a car passing by and wave, you inspect a new book or toy so thoroughly, and your whole day is made when there is even just one other kid around you having fun and you join in.

I love that you love strangers, approaching them all, even when you get too close into their personal space.

I love your tiny little feet

I love your huge booty

I love your love for Teddy and Daddy

I love how hardworking and disciplined you are at therapy, you really try your best, and you pick up new things every week.

I love your love of food

I love your curiosity

I love that you love baby dolls

I love your crazy spaced out teeth and your big silly smile

I love when you suck your bottom lip in and stare at me with your eyebrows raised, I wish I knew what you are thinking in those moments.

I love that you love to have your back cracked.

I love that you love to jump and roll all over Teddy

I love that you love walks

I love that sometimes to goof off you walk in fast circles and laugh and laugh and laugh

I love your unconditional love for me

I love your soul, spirit, heart, and beautiful brain

I love you

I love you

I love you

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Shalamar Outlaw
Shalamar Outlaw
24 พ.ค. 2564

What a beautiful poem and loving vantage point into the tender intimacies you share with little Dahlia. <3

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