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Enough with the sad posts, how about some Dahlia seeds?

Right before the end of frost is the perfect time to plant some dahlia seeds, so who is interested in receiving some seeds with a special message from Dahlia in the mail? Please donate a buck to the NBIA Disorders Association and receive your special package in the mail!


- Share this post

- A dollar donation is all that is required either through or through the Facebook fundraiser - both go direct to NBIA Disorders Association.

- Check your mail for your sweet little package and plant away!

- A big prize will be given out to the best dahlia grown in a year's time, so get your green thumb out and tend to your dahlias!

Starts today 8/19/19 ends 9/6/19, or until supplies run out!

Thanks to all!

Info on Dahlia seeds and how to grow:

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