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Bake Sale for BPAN

Some wonderful 6th graders at Joe A. Gonsalves elementary decided to do their community project on BPAN after hearing about Dahlia. They had a bake sale and raised almost $850! Dahl and I were invited to watch their presentation Friday and be given the money to hand over to the NBIA Disorders Foundation. They even got in touch with Dr. Hayflick themselves to learn about BPAN and more on how they could help. Joash, Dineth, Peter, and Abhinav were incredibly gracious, smart, and loving kids, and I was so moved by what they accomplished and their devotion to help find a cure for #BPAN. Thanks to them and all the students in Miss Leano’s class for being amazing and incredible kids! We learned, laughed, and cried together, and Dahlia won hearts and sniffed around looking for any leftover bake sale goodies. (Don’t mind her smurf face and weird hair line, it’s the projector 😂) #bpanwarrior#ohmybabydahl #beatbpan #wdr45mutation

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